What the?

Kaskade wants to give away a VIP package to each show on his Atmosphere tour. If you’re 21 or over, you can win the “Kaskadian Package" for you and a friend. If you are under 21, the prize will be the "Kaskade Korner Package" for you and a friend. (Please note: CHICAGO winner must be over 21. There is not an under 21 VIP package available for that market.)

Why the?

Obviously. Because you are our favorite.

How Do I Enter?

Beginning August 1st, visit Kaskade’s Facebook page and click on the contest tab. You will be asked to submit a 15-second video. This video should include Kaskade’s song “Atmosphere”. Keep it short and interesting. Make a music video. Make a telenovela. Make a statement. Do whatever you want. But include Atmosphere. We’re keeping the guidelines loose because we want to see what you can do. Be creative. Blow our minds. Easy Peezy.

HOW DO I WIN??!!??!!

Whoa. Easy there pilgrim. After you’ve submitted a video, it’s up to you to get votes. Your friends and family and fans and general acquaintances can vote for you once per day. So can everyone else. Entries and voting begins on August 1 at 12:01 AM EST. Entries and voting ends on August 31 at 11:59 PM EST. So promote your video. The ten highest voted videos in each category will be finalists, to be judged by a highly qualified and very good looking panel. The judges will select a winner for each show from these finalists. Winners will be contacted by email on September 6. Names will be posted on the “Winners” page of the competition site.

Does That Mean I Should Enter As Early As Possible To Get The Most Votes?

Yup. That totally makes sense.

Can I Enter More than One Time?

Sure, but make them interesting and different. We hate clutter over here. Gives us anxiety.

How Long Should My Video Be?

Keep it at around 15 seconds. People (we) lose interest after that. Give us the punchline and wow right off the front. No foreplay required. You don’t get that everyday. 

Do I Have to Make My Own Travel Arrangements If I Win?

Well, yes you do. That’s why you should only enter if you can actually get to the venue all by yourself. But you’re a big kid now. You can do it.

Can I Bring a Friend if I WIN?

Duh. That’s what “for you and a friend” means. 

If I Win Can I Sell the Prize on Stub Hub?

Shut up. No. You should know better. Non-transferable, yo.

Has Anyone Ever Told You That Your Hair Smells Like Strawberries?

It’s peaches, actually. 

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